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API Playground

The Playground is intended to ease your first interaction with our APIs. It's a tool we developed to allow you to make requests and get a feel for the response as well as the different query parameters.

You can find our Playground here.

How to use the Playground

  • Start with the 'Authentication Frame' on the left side of the page. It allows you to use your credentials (consumer key and secret) or use the default test ones.
  • The 'Request Helper Frame' is there to construct a valid request for you. Select the API you want to try out and add the query params when necessary.
  • By clicking on 'Build Request', the request gets constructed as a URL in the 'Request URL Frame'. If you select an API that does not require a user context, then you can immediately hit 'Execute' and receive a response.

  • If a user context (e.g., publish an agent's listing) is required, you will need to trigger the OAuth flow, for that, you must click on 'Request Token' in the 'OAuth-Frame'.

  • Once the token is successfully issued and displayed the next step is to authorize the client to act on behalf of the user.
  • Click on 'Authorize'. By doing so, you will be directed to sign into ImmobilienScout24 with a valid username and password and grant permissions to your client or application.
  • Once this is completed, you can get the access tokens as the last step - click on 'Access Token'. You have now completed the three-legged flow, as described here.

The playground allows you to change the content type, representation format, and request body

Please also check our documentation, to try out additional APIs that are currently not integrated into the Playground. Every single request can be sent via the Playground as long as the URL, attributes, and params are set correctly. In addition to that, in the Tutorials section, you will find several useful examples.