This method hands out a user's contact address by ID.{username}/contact/{id}


Example: GET hands out the contact adddress with the scout contact id=58850320.

or: GET{username}/contact/ext-a001 hands out the contact address with the external contact id=a001



Supported media types

  • XML (Accept: application/xml)
  • JSON (Accept: application/json)


Authorization requirements

A System Key and an authenticated user are required for this operation:


Please use a secure connection (https) for this operation.





Path Parameters

  • Username or "me"
  • The following IDs cannot be used at the same time:
    • id: the unique Scout object id, which is generated with POST REALESTATE, automatically.
    • externalId: the contact id of the rest api client
      • it must be uniquesie for a user
      • it must contain the prefix "ext-". The prefix is not part of the externalId, it only marks the text as "externalId"

Query Parameters

  • none



The following section includes the HTTP status code, a short description and examples for the response body content of a successful processed request.
Error responses as well as other simple message responses are described in detail within the common message responses.


Status 200 OK

The requested operation was successful.



  • none


note: You need a special permission to get the email-adresse-field. If you miss that element write us a email or post that problem in our googlegroup!






<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<common:realtorContactDetails xmlns:common=""
xmlns:xlink="" xmlns:ns5="" id="57433642">
    <cellPhoneNumberSubscriber>24301000 1</cellPhoneNumberSubscriber>
    <position>position oder taetigkeit im unternehmen</position>
    <officeHours>Von 11:30 bis 12:00, dabei eine halbe Stunde Pause, field is no more used or visible in the is24 website</officeHours>   






  "common.realtorContactDetail" : {
    "@id" : "57573183",
    "salutation" : "MALE",
    "firstname" : "Max",
    "lastname" : "Mustermann",
    "phoneNumberCountryCode" : "+49",
    "phoneNumberAreaCode" : "30",
    "phoneNumberSubscriber" : "243010000",
    "cellPhoneNumberCountryCode" : "+49" ,
    "cellPhoneNumberAreaCode" : "1520",
    "cellPhoneNumberSubscriber": "1111111" ,
    "address" : {
      "street" : "Andreasstr.",
      "houseNumber" : "10",
      "postcode" : "10243",
      "city" : "Berlin"
    "countryCode" : "DEU",
    "title" : "Master",
    "additionName" : "HuiBuh" ,
    "homepageUrl" : "" ,
    "position":"position oder taetigkeit im unternehmen",
    "officeHours" : "Von  11:30 bis 12:00, dabei eine halbe Stunde Pause, field is no more used or visible in the is24 website" ,
    "defaultContact" : false,
    "localPartnerContact" : false,
    "businessCardContact" : false,
    "realEstateReferenceCount" : 1,
    "externalId" : "a-001",