Creates a new resource of the requested type specified by the following URL.This method publishes a real estate object in one or more publish channels.

  • Use the web service GET PUBLISHCHANNEL to obtain the publish channel ids, in which the realtor is allowed to publish objects in
  • In general, every customer can publish in both publish channels "10000" ( and "10001" ("customer homeage").

Supported media types

  • XML (Accept: application/xml)
  • JSON (Accept: application/json)

Authorization requirements

A System Key and an authenticated user are required for this operation:

Please use a secure connection (https) for this operation.


Path Parameters

  • none

Query Parameters

  • none



<common:publishObject xmlns:common="" xmlns:xlink="">
    <realEstate id="58850320"/>
    <publishChannel id="10000"/>


    "common.publishObject": {
        "realEstate": {
            "@id": "58850320",
        "publishChannel": {
            "@id": "10000"


The following section includes the HTTP status code, a short description and examples for the response body content of a successful processed request.
Error responses as well as other simple message responses are described in detail within the common message responses.

  • Status 201 Created

This status code is returned after a new entity of a resource was successfully created.


Location Link to the newly created resource.



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<common:messages xmlns:xlink="" xmlns:ns3="" xmlns:common="">
        <message>Resource [publish] with id [58850320_10000] has been created.</message>