Real Estate

Help: Synchronize realestates

„Vollabgleich“ for real estates will be discontinued from 1.11.2015. We will block the „Vollabgleich“ use case (regularly deletion and upload of the same real estates). The „Vollabgleich“ has several disadvantages for the customer, consumer and is an outdated technique.

Howto synchronize realestates?

  • Detect in your application wheather a realestate has changed or not
  • If there are no changes -> do nothing (or PUT /realestate/{id} with same values)
  • If there are changes -> PUT /realestate/{id}
  • If the realestate should not be visible on ImmobilienScout24 -> DELETE /publish
  • If the realestate doesn't exist anymore or you never expect it back in the realtors inventory again -> DELETE /realestate/{id}
You need to synchronize attachments, too, have a look at Help: Synchronize attachments

And what is forbidden?

  • To DELETE /realestate/{id} and POST /realestate the same realestate regularly

And why is the deletion and creation of the same real estate forbidden?

  • "Vollabgleich" is outdated
  • "Vollabgleich" has disadvantages for the customer: takes much time and in future the ontop placement (topplacement, premiumplacement, showcaseplacement) will be related to the realestates. A deletion of a realestate has a deletion of the ontop placement as a consequence
  • "Vollabgleich" has disadvantages for the consumer: manipulation of the list of results. Realestates are signed as "NEW", but they aren't
  • Deleted realestates cause problems with realtor evaluation

And when may I delete a realestate?

  • DELETE /realestate/{id} is not recommended, please DELETE /publish via API or archive the realestate (only possible in web: ScoutManager)
  • You can DELETE /realestate/{id} if you are sure you never need them in your realestate inventory

And what does ImmobilienSocut24?

  • Give you support in our common support channels
  • If a system will continue DELETE and POST /realestate, we will forbid DELETE /realestate/{id} for the API system