POST Basic Valuation

You can send real estate data, we will calculate a basic valuation of the realestate and hand out a valuation id, which you use for the GET Basic Valuation request in order to obtain the valuation.

There is no user or realestate id needed.


The result will contain a url with which you download the result as a pdf.
It you don't need a pdf, than please use this url: 


Supported media types

  • JSON (Accept: application/json)

Authorization requirements

  • At least a System Key is required for this operation. See Authentication via Two-legged OAuth for further details.
  • A special API permission (given for the hackathon key)


Path parameters


Query Parameters



Content-Type: application/json

Please note: all parameters are mandatory. The construcation year can be set via a precise year or via a range. One of both parameters has to be set.

  • constructionYearRangeId
    The id representing the correct range for the construction year. Either a range or a construction year (see parameter constructionYear)must be set.
    The following ids are available:

    id range

    Vor 1930

    1931-1947 (Ø 1939)

    1948-1967 (Ø 1958)

    1968-1980 (Ø 1974)

    1981-1992 (Ø 1987)

    1993-1996 (Ø 1995)

    1997-2001 (Ø 1999)

    2002-2005 (Ø 2004)

    2006-2009 (Ø 2008)

    10 2010-2012 (Ø 2011)

    11  2013

    Please note: the ranges will be changed every new year to cover the appropriate ranges. So in 2014 the id 11 will point to 2014, the id 10 will point to a range of 2011-2013 and so on.


  • constructionYear
    The year of construction of the realestate. Either a year or a range (see parameter constructionYearRangeId) must be set. The minimum value is 1500. The maximum value is the current year.
  • realEstateTypeId
    The id representing the type of the realestate. Must be one of the following values:

    id   realEstate type

    0   Wohnung

    1   Einfamilienhaus

    2   Reihenmittelhaus

    3   Reihenendhaus

    4   Doppelhaushälfte


  • address
    A String representing the address of the realestate. The address should have the following formats: street housenumber, postal code and/or, city.
    A few examples for valid addresses for explanation:
    "Knaackstrasse 11, 10243, Berlin"
    "Lohwellsbrook 1, 21255, Tostedt"
    Note: Do not separate the street and house number with a comma, e.g.: 
             "Knaackstrasse 11, 10243, Berlin" is valid, 
             "Knaackstrasse, 11, 10243, Berlin" is invalid!
  • roomCountId 
    The id representing the room count of the realestate. Must be one of the following values

    id   room count

    1   1 Zimmer

    2   1,5 Zimmer

    3   2 Zimmer

    4   2,5 Zimmer

    5   3 Zimmer

    6   3,5 Zimmer

    7   4 Zimmer

    8   5 Zimmer

    9   6 oder mehr


  • longitude
    The longitude of the realestate as a double.
  • latitude
    The latitude of the realestate as a double.
  • livingArea
    The living area of the realestate as an integer. The minimum value is 15.
  • siteArea
    The site area of the realestate as an integer. Must be set if the type of the realestate is a house (so this parameter has to be set for all realestate types without the id 1). The minimum value is 50 the maximum value is 5000000.



    "address":"Lohwellsbrook 1, 21255, Tostedt",


Status 201 Created

The requested operation was successful (so the valuation was performed and we deliver the link to the appropriate valuation in the header field "location")


Status Code: 201 Created

Content-Type: application/json


Status 400 Bad request


Status Code: 400 Bad Request

Content-Type: application/json


missing parameter (e. g. longitude):

"longitude": "NotNull"


missing parameter for special realestate types:


"siteArea":"Must be set if realEstateType is not apartment."


Status 404 NOT FOUND

We cannot provide a basic valuation for the given realestate.


Status Code: 404 Not Found

Content-Type: application/json


"message": "Eine Bewertung für diese Adresse ist leider nicht möglich.",
"title": "Fehler"

Python example

aut = requests_oauthlib.OAuth1Session("HackathonKey",client_secret='tq1xxWyMgUBsP6SddSwy')
def getPrice():
    url = ""

    data = """{
        "address":"Lohwellsbrook 1, 21255, Tostedt",

    headers = {'Content-type': 'application/json', 'Accept': 'application/json'}
    res =, data=data, headers=headers)  
    loc = res.headers["location"]
    loc = loc.replace("","")

    url = loc
    res = aut.get(url)
    res = json.loads(res.content)