Get Started

Basic Principles

This intro describes the general communication with the Immobilienscout24-RestAPI with examples.

Please use the browser-based is24 RestAPI playground for executing api requests and oauth authenification, without having to code anything. You may also use the REST Console extension for Chrome, which has the required oAuth support.

There's a Tutorial for using the api for building customer websites.




URI structure

Protocol and domain name:
technical context: /restapi/api
not technical context: /search
Version: /v1.0
Resource: /expose/{expose_id}
Sub resource of a resource: attachment/{attachment_id}


Example of a complete URI:{expose_id}/attachment/{attachment_id}



In order to communicate with the IS24-RestAPI, your client has to authentificate per OAuth. If you access data of a user (f.e. exposes of a certain customer, short list and/or saved searches of a user, you need to do 3-legged oAuth. If you have a usecase without a user, than 2-legged oAUth is sufficient.

  • Please keep in mind that every request must be signed.
  • We offer tools for calculating the signature base string: