Guidelines for creating test data on sandbox

Do not use 3rd party real persons data (you may use your own data at your own risk)
Primary objective of this section is to make it easy for us to determine that all data in Sandbox is actually "anonymized data". To achieve this please use the following rules:
  1. Use "anonymized" for all text fields that are not relevant for any business logic, for example free text fields etc.
    • You might use "Max Mustermann" or "Erika Musterfrau" or "John Doe" for person names
  2. Phone numbers (telefon, fax, mobil), whenever a valid phone number is required, use
    • 030 24301999
  3. Email addresses:
    • whenever you have to use an E-Mail address, create one for the or domain (which are both owned by Immobilienscout)
    • whenever you need a unique E-Mail address, create a GUID as the local part of the address :
    • Scout employees are allowed to use their own E-mail address at their own risk
  4. Street Addresses:
    • In general we consider a street addresses not PII directly (They do not point to a single su but,
    • If the actual address is not important use Immobilienscout office address Andreasstrasse 10, 10243 Berlin
    • In case you need a valid geocoding into a specific region try to be as unspecific as possible (if possible use House nr 1 for example)