Guidelines for Integration Tests and Creation of Test Data on Sandbox

Do not use 3rd party real person's data (you may use your own data at your own risk)

Kindly read this section if you intend to use our Sandbox for testing purposes.

Integration Tests

We recommend using our Sandbox to test your implementation before going live. You may also perform integration tests regularly; however, in this case we kindly ask you not to exceed the given limit of:

  • 200 write API calls per minute (POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE)
If the API calls exceed the limit above, then we understand this as a load test, and it will result in having us block your API Key (System Key). If you require to exceed the limit, kindly get in touch with us first so we can determine your allowance and help you with proceeding with your test use cases.

Test Data Creation

Primary objective of this section is to make it easy for us to determine that all data in Sandbox is actually "anonymized data" and to ensure GDPR compliance.

Please be advised that any test data created via API calls or through the UI mustn’t contain personally identifiable information (PII).

To ensure the above, you must follow these guidelines:

  1. Refrain from using any real person's data (you may use your own personal data at your own risk).
  2. Use the word "anonymized" for all text fields that are not relevant for any business logic, such as free text fields.
    • You can use "Max Mustermann" or "Erika Musterfrau" or "John Doe" or “Jane Doe” for person names.
  3. Telephone numbers:
    • Whenever a valid phone number is required, kindly use: 030 24301999
  4. Email addresses:
    • Whenever you have to use an email address, use one with the domain or (those are both owned by ImmobilienScout).
    • Whenever you need a unique email address, create a GUID as the local-part of the address:
    • You may use your own email address at your own risk.
  5. Please note that the Sandbox environment suppresses the sending of any emails.
  6. Street Addresses:
    • If the actual address is not essential, kindly use ImmobilienScout's office address:
      • Invalidenstrasse 65, 10557 Berlin
    • In case you need a valid geocoding for a specific region try to be as unspecific as possible (if possible use House nr. 1).