Import-Export API


The ressource "Contact" represents the contact data of an immobilienscout24 user. Contact adresses can be called/created/changed. Deleting is not supported, yet. Unlike the ftp importer, the contact adresses in the rest api are NOT part of a real estate object. Instead of that, it is LINKED to the real estate object by external contact id or by the ImmobilienScout24 contact ID.{username}/contact/{contactId}



  • Optional: GET CONTACT with external contact ID
    • Does the contact address already exist at ImmobilienScout24, than we hand out the contact address with your ID and with the IS24 ID.
    • Does the contact address not yet exist at ImmobilienScout24, than you'd send it per POST CONTACT with your ID
      • Response: IS24 contact address ID
  • From now on, you can use your contact address id for all requests (POST/PUT REALESTATE).
  • Duplicate check (POST/PUT Contact) compares the following fields: salutation, first name, last name, street, housenumber, zip, city, country code, phone, fax, cell phone, homepage, email

Supported Methods