Attribute list for the ressource "REALESTATE"


  • Contact person, multimedia attachments and publishing an object are not part of the real estate data, these are separate webservices:
    • CONTACT ADDRESS: create/change/call/delete contact data
    • ATTACHMENT: create/change/call/delete multimedia attachments (pictures, videos, PDFs, URLs)
    • PUBLISHCHANNEL: List of the publish channels, the realtor is entitled to publish in.
  • The element "assistedLiving" will be ignored. This concerns appartmentRent, appartmentBuy, houseRent. There is an extra estate type "AssistedLiving".
  • Please Note: We don't support GMT params in date fields! If you send us such a date field we ignore the whole field completely!

  • Objects are transmitted, individually and are online in real-time
  • error messages can be shown object-related in the client software in real-time
  • Enables rapid changes after publishing an object
  • future-proof, state of the art technology
  • secure: the complete API can be accessed by https
  • One unified interface for all usecases: the REST API supports real estate search & expose, so that you can use it for presenting your objects on your website
  • Enables HD videos (maximum file size for videos up to 1 GB, planned for end of august),
  • Supports three new real estate types: compulsatory auction ("Zwangsversteigerung"), senior care ("Altenpflege"), assisted living ("Betreutes Wohnen")
  • handing out the scout report data per object: Number of Expose calls and email contacts
  • possibility to OnTop place real estates