OnTop Placement

OnTop is not a ressource, but rather a topic. There are 3 different ontop placements. So we have 3 different resources to add an ontop placement to a real estate. The requests and methods of the 3 ressources are similar, only the type of the OnTop placement changes.

NOTICE: if an object is deactivated in the is24 publish channel 10000, every given OnTop Placement will also be deactivated!

Possible OnTop Placements:

  • showcaseplacement ("Schaufenster-Platzierung")
  • premiumplacement ("Premium-Platzierung")
  • topplacement ("Top-Platzierung")

OnTop Placement by List

https://rest.immobilienscout24.de/restapi/api/offer/v1.0/user/{username or me}/{ontop placement}/all

OnTop Placement by ID

https://rest.immobilienscout24.de/restapi/api/offer/v1.0/user/{username or me}/realestate/{id or externalId}/{ontop placement}/

Supported methods