GETbyID RealEstateProject

This method hands out a building project.{username}/realestateproject/{realestateprojectid}

Supported media types

  • XML (Accept: application/xml)
  • JSON (Accept: application/json)

Authorization requirements

A System Key and an authenticated user are required for this operation:

Please use a secure connection (https) for this operation.


Path Parameters

  • Username: the username which the user uses for logging in to www.immobilienscout24.

  • Username: "me" can be used instead of the username, when the user is logged in by 3-legged oauth.
  • realestateprojectid: the unique project ID, generated by IS24 when posting a real estate project

Query Parameters

  • none


The following section includes the HTTP status code, a short description and examples for the response body content of a successful processed request.
Error responses as well as other simple message responses are described in detail within the common message responses.

  • Status 200 OK
  • The requested operation was successful.


No special headers.



<realestateproject:realEstateProject xmlns:realestateproject="" xmlns:xlink="" xmlns:ns4="">
   <title>testprojekt restapi</title>


    "title":"testprojekt restapi",