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Energy Certificates

From 1st of May 2014, a new law came into affect. All real estate offerings (exposes) need to contain an energy certificate ("Energieausweis"), if you have an energy certificate for the object.

Java validation of EnEv fields


  • Which fields need to be filled in when depends on several factors. See the matrix below for the answers.
  • The following real estate types are NOT affected: Grundstück (livingRentSite, livingBuysite), Typenhaus (houseType), Garage (garagerent, garageBuy), Altenpflege (seniorCare), international objects.
  • WADL and XSD schema contains the EnEv2014 fields.
  • Landing page for energy certificate with functional info: here
  • Validation is turned ON. Please send only relevant fields. Relevant fields are dependent on creationDate, buildingEnergyRatingType and object type (commercial or non-commercial). The relevant fields you can find in the matrix below
  • If you get errors like "{energyCertificateField}_NOT_VALID_FOR_THIS_CERTIFICATE" your request doesn't come trough the energy certificate validation. It is public now, so you can validate your request before you send it against the IS24 API (download link below).
  • Use the query parameter "usenewenergysourceenev2014values=true" to GET/PUT/POST Real estate the 8 new values in field energySourceEnev2014.

Heizungsart (HeatingTypeEnev2014)

Deprecated field name: HeatingType, (Only one of the fields can be specified)

New field name: HeatingTypeEnev2014

Field type: enum

Old attributes:

  • STOVE_HEATING (Ofenheizung)
  • CENTRAL_HEATING (Zentralheizung)
  • NO_INFORMATION (keine Angabe)

New attributes:

  • COMBINED_HEAT_AND_POWER_PLANT (Blockheizkraftwerk)
  • ELECTRIC_HEATING (Elektro-Heizung)
  • DISTRICT_HEATING (Fernwärme)
  • FLOOR_HEATING (Fußbodenheizung)
  • GAS_HEATING (Gas-Heizung)
  • WOOD_PELLET_HEATING (Holz-Pelletheizung)
  • NIGHT_STORAGE_HEATER (Nachtspeicherofen)
  • OIL_HEATING (Öl-Heizung)
  • SOLAR_HEATING (Solar-Heizung)
  • HEAT_PUMP (Wärmepumpe)

Befeuerungsart (energySourceEnev2014)

Deprecated field name: firingType

New field name: energySourceEnev2014

Field type: enum

Old attributes:

  • NO_INFORMATION (keine Angabe)
  • GEOTHERMAL (Erdwärme)
  • PELLET_HEATING (Holzpellets)
  • GAS (Gas)
  • OIL (Öl)
  • DISTRICT_HEATING (Fernwärme)
  • COAL (Kohle)

New attributes:

  • ACID_GAS (Erdgas leicht)
  • SOUR_GAS (Erdgas schwer)
  • LIQUID_GAS (Flüssiggas)
  • STEAM_DISTRICT_HEATING (Fernwärme Dampf)
  • WOOD (Holz)
  • WOOD_CHIPS (Holz-Hackschnitzel)
  • COAL_COKE (Kohle/Koks)
  • LOCAL_HEATING (Nahwärme)
  • HEAT_SUPPLY (Wärmelieferung)

attributes when "usenewenergysourceenev2014values=true":

  • BIO_ENERGY (Bioenergie)
  • WIND_ENERGY (Windenergie)
  • HYDRO_ENERGY (Wasserenergie)

Baujahr unbekannt (constructionYearUnknown)

field name: constructionYearUnknown

Field type: boolean. Default: yes. If "constructionYear" has a value, than "constructionYearUnknown" must be absent and vice versa.

Energieausweis-Verfügbarkeit (energyCertificateAvailability)

Because there are real estate objects which don't need an energy certificate (e.g. listed) and an energy certificate is not available yet, we created a new field. By adding a new one we handle backwards compatible. In XSD schema you can find this field on top of "energyCertificate" (type="EnergyPerformanceCertificate"). This new field can turn the EnEv Java Validation on or off.

Field name: energyCertificateAvailability.

Field type: enum.


Validation on: null or AVAILABLE.


Energieausweis-Erstellungsdatum (energyCertificateCreationDate)

Field name: energyCertificateCreationDate.

Field type: enum.

Values: BEFORE_01_MAY_2014, FROM_01_MAY_2014, NOT_APPLICABLE.

Energieeffizenzklasse (energyEfficiencyClass)

Field name: energyEfficiencyClass.

Field type: enum.

Values: NOT_APPLICABLE, A+, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H.

Stromverbrauchskennwert (electricityConsumption)

Text field: (kWh/(m²*a); max. 6 digits , MIN 0.00 MAX 1999.99.

Heizenergieverbrauchskennwert (heatingconsumption)

Text field: (kWh/(m²*a); max. 6 digits , MIN 0.00 MAX 1999.99.

Endenergieverbrauch Strom (energyConsumptionElectricity)

Text field: (kWh/(m²*a); max. 6 digits , MIN 0.00 MAX 1999.99.

Endenergieverbrauch Wärme (energyConsumptionHeating)

Text field: (kWh/(m²*a); max. 6 digits , MIN 0.00 MAX 1999.99.

Endenergiebedarf Strom (thermalCharacteristicElectricity)

Text field: (kWh/(m²*a); max. 6 digits , MIN 0.00 MAX 1999.99.

Endenergiebedarf Wärme (thermalCharacteristicHeating)

Text field: (kWh/(m²*a); max. 6 digits , MIN 0.00 MAX 1999.99.

Energieausweistyp (BuildingEnergyRatingType)

Field name: BuildingEnergyRatingType.

Field type: enum.

Values: Bedarfsausweis (ENERGY_REQUIRED), Verbrauchsausweis (ENERGY_CONSUMPTION).

Endenergiebedarf (thermalCharacteristic)

Text field: (kWh/(m²*a); max. 6 digits , MIN 0,00 MAX 1999,99.

Relevant for certificates, created before 01.10.2007: The value for thermal characteristic (Endenergiebedarf) should be retrieved from the sum of the thermalCharacteristic of the single firing type


Field type: boolean

Values: true, false.

Relevant for certificates, created before 30th april 2014: If the heating for warm water is not included, then the value for energy consumption (Endenergieverbrauch) has to raised by a lump sum of 20 kilowatt hours/year/sqm.

Baujahr (constructionYear)

FAQ about the energy certificate law (german)

here you can find the FAQ regarding energy certificate

Matrix with all usecases

"Pflichtangabe im Exposé" (mandatory in expose) means mandatory from the legal point of view, not technically mandatory.

You have to fill in the named values in order to have a legally correct expose (abmahnsicheres Exposé)

energy certificate