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Send an expose to a friend

The resource sendafriend represents a forwarding request of a real estate which means a recommendation of it.

POST /search/v1.0/expose/{expose_id}/sendafriend


The POST method of this sub-resource represents an action to send an e-mail request to the to an interested person of an real estate.

Supported media types:

Notes: - Please specify only one sendafriend form per call. This call represents the action of sending a expose/contact request to another interested person, thus this request doesn't return a location header cause no resource was created.


Path parameters

  • expose_id - The Id of an expose to perform a sendafriend request for.


Possible values for contactFormType are: EMAIL, LONG, PHONE, NONE which have to match the contactFormType of the expose the contact request is for (except for NONE, where no contact requests are allowed).

The field lastname is always required. Depending on the contactFormType different fields have to be provided in the request: - EMAIL: only emailAddress is required - LONG: emailAddress, phoneNumber and all fields of address are required - PHONE: only phoneNumber is required

In case of requestType APPOINTMENT_REQUEST a list of providerIds (to be contacted) is required, in case of requestType FINANCING_REQUEST no providerIds are needed.

The content of the fields is not filtered (e.g. for cross-side scripting or cross-side request forgery).

If contactRequest.financingType = FOLLOWUP_FINANCING the value of the remaining debt should be mapped to contactRequest.financingTerms.ownFunds.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<expose:sendAFriendForm xmlns:expose="">
  <comment>leave a message</comment>


    "comment":"leave a message"


you should expect a success response Body