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This endpoint allows you to embed a widget within an iframe in your application (or website) to provide customers with ImmoScout24 functionality for purchasing listing boosting products, such as showcase, premium, and top placements. A web purchase flow will be triggered by the user clicking the widget's purchase button ("Auswählen"). Please see the widget image below.

This endpoint is only available for partners. To become one and receive access to this endpoint, please contact us through this form.


  • We expect three-legged OAuth flow for calling the resources.
  • The real estate must be already published before a purchase can take place.
  • Please see sequence diagram below for the web purchase flow that will be triggered via the widget.
  • For security reasons, we expect a domain name from you to add to our allowed list. This should be the domain under which the widget will be integrated. Without this step you will not be able to render the widget.

Supported Methods

The Widget

The recommended size of the widget is width: 450px and height: ~750px.

The image below depicts the widget that will be rendered - with example prices and ranking.

On Top Offer Widget

Sequence Diagram for Web Purchase Flow

Below you will find an example sequence of how the web purchase flow can be triggered through your application. The steps depicted in the color teal are controlled by ImmoScout24 and may be subject to change. For the rest of the flow (in black) you may choose to implement it the way best suits your application. A precondition for rendering the widget to start the web purchase flow, is that you use a valid ticket within your iFrame.

uml diagram