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Add OnTop to a Realestate

This method provides a method to add an OnTop Placement to your real estates by ID.

POST /offer/v1.0/user/{username or me}/realestate/{id or externalId}/{ontop placement}

Supported media types:

Possible OnTop Placements:

  • showcaseplacement ("Schaufenster-Platzierung")
  • premiumplacement ("Premium-Platzierung")
  • topplacement ("Top-Platzierung")

Note: that PremiumPlacement is WITHOUT Body.


Path Parameters

Username the username which the user uses for logging in to www.immobilienscout24
me "me" can be used instead of the username, when the user is logged in by 3-legged oauth
id the unique scout object ID, which is being created by POST REALESTATE automatically
external-id can be used instead of the scout object ID. it is the customer-defined ID of the real estate, must be unique per user
ontop placement the type of the ontop placement (showcaseplacement, premiumplacement or topplacement)



<common:messages xmlns:ns2="" xmlns:common="" xmlns:xlink="">
      <message>Resource [premiumplacement] with id [] has been created.</message>

or 412 (real estate not published):

<common:messages xmlns:ns2="" xmlns:common="" xmlns:xlink="">
      <message>Error while validating input for the resource. [MESSAGE: premiumplacement for this real estate is not possible:Not allowed to perform ontop for unpublished realestate (#70631302).]</message>