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Plugins and SDKs

We've collected a list of open source SDKs and plugins to help you with integrating our APIs.

Please note that we don't offer official support for any of these SDKs. Please use our Google User Group for technical questions and reporting bugs.

If you'd like to have your tool, SDK, Plugin or Code snippet listed here, please send a mail to


Joomla Module (free and commercial versions)

Joomla Component, supports search and expose and is available in a free version and commercial versions with enhanced functionalities. The agency also offers a commercial iframe solution.

Joomla Extension (commercial)

Joomla component, supports search & expose and im-/export api.

WordPress Plugin (commercial)

WP-ImmoMakler imports property data from the IS24 API as well as from real estate agent software. The plugin integrates in every WordPress theme and is highly customizable to your own needs in design and functionality. It offers filterable property lists with search form, map view, detail pages with picture gallery, document downloads, video players and much more.

Immocaster Wordpress Plugin

The Immocaster Wordpress plugin offers a search form, result list and expose for real estate objects. WP Immomakler© has overtaken this plugin and will offer support and maintenance.

TYPO3 Extension (commercial)

The TYPO3 extensions supports nearly every type of properties mentioned in the API. Find, manage, sync and push properties in your frontend or wherever you want to display them. Connect them with Google Maps and other filters to show individual search results based on perimeter, pricing or everything else.

TYPO3 Extension (commercial)

TYPO3 Extension on base of extbase and fluid. Makes use of the search and expose API to show lists and exposes on the website.

TYPO3 Extension responsive and flexible (commercial)

This module supports search and expose, it is responsive. This bootstrap module is very flexible and can be used for every CMS which is based on PHP. Agency:

Contao Extension "Immomanager" (commercial)

The Contao Immomanager supports search & expose and Real Estate Listings API and export by OpenImmo. It is full customizable to fit your needs in every sense.

Contao Extension "estao®" for housing corporations (commercial)

Market apartments and commercial offers on your website and real estate portals. The real estate solution estao® presents your properties optimally – also on mobile devices. Import and export interfaces do the work more efficiently.


Immocaster PHP SDK

The open source PHP-SDK supports our Search, Expose and Real Estate Listings REST APIs.


Java SDK which completely represents all real estate types, actions and resources in the Real Estate Listings API. Moreover there are some implemented Search API functions.

Java Client Library by OpenEstate

This Java SDK is developed and used by the freeware OpenEstate-ImmoTool. The Java SDK supports nearly all methods and resources of the Real Estate Listings REST API.

RestSharp library

The open source .NET SDK supports all resources of the Real Estate Listings APIs and oAuth 1.0.

Simple Ruby API Client

A simple Ruby client which supports oAuth and the Expose API.

Android Development Kit

This SDK has initially generated by our Android Dev Team, but not maintained and we don't offer support for it. Functionalities: 2-legged oAuth, Search API, Expose API. It's published as open source so feel free to fork and commit!

Omniauth Library

OmniAuth is a library that standardizes multi-provider authentication for web applications. It was created to be powerful, flexible, and do as little as possible. Any developer can create strategies for OmniAuth that can authenticate users via disparate systems. You can download the omniauth library, here.

R script to access IS24 API

R is a free programming language for statistic programs. Patrick Hausmann wrote a very slim R script to receive data from ImmoScout24 APIs.