Insert a Real Estate

This method creates a real estate object.

Supported media types:

POST /offer/v1.0/user/{username or me}/realestate/

The new created object is deactivated (not published by default). Please use publish request for publishing the Real-Estate.

Things you need to know

  • Don't encode the xml/json if you send it within the body. It won't work (error code 409)
  • "Preis auf Anfrage" is set by entering a "0" in the price field. This is only supported for "Grundstücke" (plots) and all "Gewerbeimmtypen" (commercial real estate types).
  • The tag "contact" is optional. If you don't enter a contact id, we'll take the standard contact address of the realtor.
  • if the address cannot be geocoded by IS24 then you should send the "wgs84Coordinate" (vice versa: should be omitted for geocodable addresses)
  • externalID is optional. If it is not entered, than we'll set the scout object id automatically as externalId.
  • If you use an existing foreignobjectid, you'll get a 409 error message (the foreignobjectid needs to be unique within the real estate objects of a realtor/customer).
  • realEstateProjectId can't be set by the realestate api! Use the RealEstateProject resource to add the realEstates to your project.
  • lastModificationDate is ignored
  • the attribute "marketingType" in the price element and additionalCosts element is optional. Default is rent. If you want to POST an object with marketingType = "buy", then you must change the commercialisationType to "BUY".
  • External id which contains "/" needs to be url encoded
  • "<" and ">" are not allowed



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<realestates:apartmentRent xmlns:realestates="" xmlns:xlink="">
  <title>RestAPI - Immobilienscout24 Testobjekt! +++BITTE+++ NICHT kontaktieren - Wohnung Miete</title>
    <street>Heuersdorfer Str</street>


    "title":"RestAPI - Immobilienscout24 Testobjekt! +++BITTE+++ NICHT kontaktieren - Wohnung Miete",
      "street":"Andreas Str",



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<common:messages xmlns:common=""
        <message>Resource [REALESTATE] with id [123456] has been created.</message>


        "message":"Resource [REALESTATE] with id [123456] has been created."