Insert an International Real Estate

The attributes of non-German real estates are the same as those of a german real estate, except for the address element. In order for a non-German real estate to be geocoded and gain better visibility within ImmoScout24's search result list, please make sure you pass the following along with the real estate object:

  • Every non-German real estate has to have at least:
  • an ISO_3166 country code,
  • a region name (string) from the ImmoScout24 GeoHierarchy API (please see this tutorial), and
  • a city
  • street, house number and zip code are optional fields, but highly recommended input for resolving the real estate's geocodes.
  • The wgs84Coordinate element is optional. If you don't pass the element, ImmoScout24 will try to resolve the geocodes from the given address. If this geocoding is successful, the resulting coordinates are added to the real estate object. Otherwise the real estate will be stored with the given address and the given country and region only.

  • We currently only support the following real estate types: apartment buy (Wohnung Kauf), house buy (Haus Kauf), living buy site (Grundstück Kauf) and trade site (Grundstück Gewerbe).

XML Example of an address for an international real estate:

    <postcode>5912 HG</postcode>